It’s not unusual for Gid Sedgwick to bet on himself. Having qualified for the national finals of the Champions Poker League tournament (and finished in an impressive second place), taking a gamble on a music career is no sweat for the 24-year-old.

Laying down his best hand yet, the Guildford-hailing producer has unveiled brand new track ‘Ochos’, lifted from his recently released EP of the same name. Overflowing with shimmering soundscapes and deep pulses, the 24-year-old has achieved a lush sound that takes cues from the likes of The 1975 and MGMT. Listen below.

Read the full track-listing below.

  1. Ochos
  2. Call em’ Up
  3. Paperclip
  4. Two Up To The Rich
  5. Substance of Sustenance
  6. You Can’t Say Nothing Bout Me
  7. Sugarman
  8. Born Bored Kids

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